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Whenever I’ve had my resume out, Mindbank has come back FAST with jobs I wanted. One job lasted a year, and I’ve been on my current assignment for four years. The job is phenomenal! It’s in an area of work I wanted to get into, and I telecommute. Working out of my home eliminates commuting time and lets me schedule my work around my kids’ activities. Also, I am doing this as an independent consultant through Mindbank. When this job ends, I know I can count on Mindbank to find me another great job.
Ty B., Client Server Software Developer

I was disappointed with my full-time job and called Mindbank. Within a few weeks, Mindbank placed me in position as a full time consultant. Mindbank has been a very positive experience for me. I have the flexibility of hours and excellent jobs – I have no desire to be a corporate employee again. If you are looking for a position that fits your skill set, Mindbank does a really good job of matching people to jobs.
John G., Unix Systems Specialist

I was with a large, federal government contractor. Although I continued to increase my skills, the only way I was going to be rewarded was to jump to another company. Mindbank has kept me busy in a variety of jobs. Each one is different and offers new challenges. I’ve been able to stay on the forefront of technology since I’m always working with the newest technologies, equipment, and skills. With Mindbank, I can earn what I want without having a permanent position. And I know that as long as I do a good job, I will always have work when I need it.
Jay L., MS Certified Developer

When my company downsized, workers like me – older, more experienced, more expensive – were the harder to place. The outplacement office suggested I contact Mindbank. I already knew of Mindbank’s quality reputation. When Mindbank asked me when I wanted to go to work, I said, "When do you want me?" Mindbank said, "How about next Monday?" I’ve been working on that assignment for two years and keep getting extended. There’s a lot to be said for working for a reputable, established company like Mindbank.
John L., Project Team Leader

I like how I am treated as Mindbank consultant – by the client and by Mindbank. Working as a Mindbank consultant, rather than a full-time employee, gives a status to my skills and me: it’s the sense that I am doing the job because I want to, not because I have to. Through Mindbank, I have had continuous employment, full benefits, top pay, unique challenges, and opportunities for professional and personal growth. Although I have been in my current position for two years, I occasionally think it would be good to move to a new environment. It’s a comfort to know that I could do so, without much effort on my part, because Mindbank would be working on my behalf.
Howard V., Senior Technical Consultant

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